The Brat and The Flagpole


I had the privilege of visiting the Australian War Memorial just this past week. It was a beautiful Canberra day; blue skies, green grass and throngs of people who had come to pay their respects to those who have fallen defending our shores.
While I was patiently waiting for ‘photographers’ from other nationalities who were taking numerous photos of exactly the same thing exactly in the way, I was forced to listen to two children who were bent on irritating each other to death before they even got into the memorial. At first, I’ll admit, I was annoyed. They were playing amongst the flagpoles and displaying little regard for those forced to suffer them nor was it the time or place to be behaving in such a way.

I stopped and thought.
I looked around for a moment.

To the men whose names are inscribed there and to the families who never saw their loved ones again, there is perhaps no more fitting tribute than a child with the freedom to play amongst the flagpoles in their own country. Even being annoying is a great freedom to have.
It is perhaps a thought you’ve had before. Even so, as you wake up today when you want to, eat the breakfast you want to, talk to the people you want to and go where you want to, remember that that freedom was hard won and worth remembering. Even if it means we have to play amongst the flagpoles, Lest We Forget.

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