I Love The People


For many years I’ve listened to people talk about their travels especially those journeys and adventures that occurred in their youth. Stories of planes and trains and far off lands full of interesting people and strange food and mountains.

I now feel as if I can now converse as an equal with such people with tales of my own over a game of cards by the fire.  Yes, I know, New Zealand isn’t really the exotic land those folks tell of and the food is not all that different either but now, when I am aged, I will recall the days of old, when I was young and possibly a little stupid and smile as the memories take flight in my mind’s eye.

I do not think it was the place or the food. Neither was it the adventures. It was the people.  The people made the difference. In short, if you want, when years are done, to be fondly laughing of times gone by with people who matter, rather than a decaying pile of iphone self portraits, take awesome friends with you.

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