The Storm

Of all the metaphors we humans can think up that truly encapsulate life’s troubles and challenges I would guess that the storm is the most coherent. Metaphors can be good or bad and most of us have come across them before but a useful metaphor has depth and meaning. A storm, when used as a metaphor for such things, is a good metaphor.

The ultimate storm, a cyclone (or hurricane/typhoon – depending on where you’re from) is one in which several things happen. All at once they happen and with such ferocity that it stuns even the most hardened veteran.

There is wind that buffets and blows you and your loved ones from place to place. It rushes through the tiniest opening, picking up and trouncing everything you once believed to be solid and steadfast. The havens you once sought are compromised and even the strongest of us is thrashed by the onslaught of forces beyond the control of mortals.

The clouds overwhelm the sun, obscuring those objects you once thought were beacons of light that illuminate the path. It’s vertigo in a dark place.

The hours drag on with the wind and the darkness and encapsulated by the steady, endless, drenching rain. Down it pours to the remains of a sodden life built in years and crushed in hours.

The only comfort that remains in such a place is that even so the storm rages the Sun is still there.

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