I’m not gone. Just thinking.

I’ve had some thoughts in the last few weeks. Some I haven’t been able to articulate as they normally stem from abstract observations of the world around me and it is always hard to make observations when you are whirling through each day like a vegemite crazed banshee. I’ve been here and there and everywhere in between. Tomorrow I’ll go more places, meet more people and think some more.

I have 27 new students in my class and I like all of them. Some of them I like a good deal more than they often deserve but what sort of life is it if we cannot give a little grace here and there. We may have a new old prime minister by Tuesday. The mango yoghurt I ate tonight didn’t actually have any mango in it and one of my students thought I was 37.

Still, the world around us is vibrant and alive. Do take the time to stop and have a look. Some proper thoughts soon. Until then, some photos from a recent trip.

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One Response to I’m not gone. Just thinking.

  1. Jennifer says:

    Beautiful pictures!

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