The Genius of DVD

DVD - so powerful...

I’ve been on holidays for almost two weeks now. Just one of the many perks of being a teacher. As I was trying to sleep last night I kept wondering what was missing. You see holidays in our house, generally speaking, have been dominated by several things over the years. Those things we all identify with having a break and relaxing.

It might be the cold watermelon on a hot and heavy summer afternoon. Lunch with family. Wandering around the shops because they are airconditioned. Playing in the park with relatives. Swimming at the neighbour’s pool. Watching movies…..

That was the part that made my brain exclaim, ‘Hold on!’ Where are the movies we always seemed to have on during the holidays!? Where is Pride and Prejudice? Where is Sense and Sensibility? Where is Anne of Green Gables? Where is Anne of Avonlea the Deluxe Extended Edition? Before you all freak out and start wondering, I, SupersonicBison, am a male and no, I don’t fall head over heels in love with those movies. I have seen them all the way through. I think they are well done, beautifully set, well acted and frightfully unrealistic. Consequently my tolerance for watching these films is perhaps once a year. The hiccup is that I have two sisters and they love watching this sort of thing. They say they don’t like it ‘ that much’ and that its ‘more interesting than Iron Man’ but they do.

Every holidays, the local library would cough up every vhs or dvd they had with these titles and more. Pillows and cushions would adorn the lounge and the old TV faced another few days of overwork while my two brothers and I would retreat silently to read Tintin and Asterix comics we had already read many times before.

What has this got to do with anything? Why is DVD a genius?

Excellent question. . .

I haven’t heard or seen any DVD’s like these for weeks! It even rained for a week while we had a friend stay over and the girls still didn’t band together, commandeer the television and hibernate in a sea of genre overindulgence.

Great series. Apply once every two years.

What’s wrong!? The answer is very simple and may actually work for you. Buy them the DVD. My brother and I observed this phenomena in action many years ago when we decided to buy Mum the Sound of Music DVD. We scratched together our money and bought it, one of Mum’s favourite movies so Dad didn’t have to rent it for the sixtieth time. She loved it. Still does. It sits on the shelf with Pride and Prejudice.

You see, if they own it, it is less appealing, less ‘special occasion’. I wondered why the lounge remains deserted. I should simply have looked at the DVD shelf. We own Pride and Prejudice (both versions), Sense and Sensibility, Anne of Green Gables (every edition – one of the discs is missing but don’t tell anyone) etc etc etc etc etc.

So I figured I would watch a DVD! The television and the lounge are free after all! Why not?
I perused the DVD shelf for some of my favourites.
I stared at them and thought about which of these fabulous titles I’d like to watch…

… and being uninspired by the DVD’s I’d bought, I left them there on the shelf next to Pride and Prejudice.


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