Around the World in Eighty Days

I was just thinking…

Do you remember the characters in the books we read as children? At least I hope you read them.

Yes, they didn’t have great pictures and there were often parts of them that were quite boring. I’ve never read Chaucer or Dickens but I’ve read many Verne novels. Some Tolkien and Twain and Lewis and many others. There is one thing in those books that I see missing in many of today’s stories. Most of these stories had rich characters who undertook great tasks and overcame great odds and along the way became better people.

I wish I could see that in movies today. Tintin is released in cinemas in but a few weeks and I find myself hoping against hope that the character of old remains despite the glossy new finish. Mission Impossible: Ghost Protocol  is released tomorrow and I’m reluctant to pay to see it. Not because it will be boring. I’m sure it will have more than its fair share of amazing sights and stunning effects. Will it have any heart? Any soul? Will Ethan Hunt become the hero everyone wants him to be or will he be so super, so amazing that Mission Impossible IV is simply another series of unfortunate events.

I hope it is the first.

I say bring back the movies that mean something. Bring back the characters that tells us something about our own humanity and teach us something about life. I will probably end up seeing MI4 and until I’ve seen it I’ll reserve judgement. Will I see a hero? Or simply another mediocre movie made of eye candy strung together by a weak plot and weaker characters…?

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