What sort of epitaph do you write?

I haven’t posted in a while but I’m still alive. I’d like to think that someone looked at this blog sometime.

Anyway, I read this not long ago. I was amazed. It is the epitaph of William Babington, whoever he was.

‘Beloved for the simplicity of his manners, and the benevolence of his heart; respected for his inflexible integrity and his pure and unaffected piety. In all the relationships of his professional life he was sagacious, candid, diligent and humane. Firm in purpose, gentle in execution; justly confident in his own judgment; liberal and indulgent to his brethren, but ever mindful of his duty to the public … so rare a union of intellectual excellence and moral worth…’ (I read it here)

That, as far as epitaphs go, was an epic. What will those we know write of us when we no longer reside on this earth?

Switchfoot sing, ‘Every breath is a second chance. There is no time like the present to change the way we impact our world, don’t you think? I recently took a picture, as I sometimes do, early in the morning on a beach in Caloundra, Australia.

Dickie Beach - Caloundra, Queensland, Australia

Is this all we'll have to say of those we love?

As we are coming to the end of the year I thought about giving a framed print of it to someone who had helped me survive a year in an extremely busy year six classroom but I didn’t think long on this. Do I really want to give a picture of a ship wreck, beautiful though it is, to someone who helped me be successful?
Mindbomb. If I want people to write nice things about me or remember me because of my contribution to their lives, what am I doing to build into the lives of others. What will I write about the lives of others? A beautiful wreck? A stunning glimpse of possibility?

Or are we building William Babingtons – Awesome people capable of anything?

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