Party Rock Anthem


My word. My year six students absolutely LOVE this song. I have heard nothing else for the last three weeks and along the way I’ve seen some of the most energetic shufflin’ (and some of the most ghastly as well). It has been so popular that I haven’t even heard Friday by Rebecca Black, a crime punishable by detention.

Intrigued, I looked up the video to find out about it and its writers. Wow. I’m all for a catchy tune and some fun dancing. I had a great time earlier this year rocking out to Switchfoot and others in the pouring rain. I love passion and energy. I’m sure you’re expecting a ‘but’ so here it is.

The kids in my class are eleven years old and growing up in a world where they can hear this song several times a day without ever having to go looking for it. When they do, they see a group devoid of any sort of public moral decency. Some of the actions and lyrics in other videos I don’t care to describe other than to say they are obscene on any level regardless if you are used to such behaviour or not. LMFAO is a band/group who are able to live like they do and sing songs about the way they live because of the music that they make. It isn’t reality. Yet they have the audacity to try and teach the kids in my class that it is more important to ‘just have a good time’.

There are some amazing dance moves, some inappropriate religious references which I’m sure Christians won’t be happy with, some awesome music but the lyrics are what make me say no to this song and more particularly to this group. Leaving out the obvious references to sex and alcohol:

Whoa! LET’S GO!

Party rock is in the house tonight
Everybody just have a good time
And we gonna make you lose your mind
Everybody just have a good time

Anything that tells you that you shouldn’t think, that you should just let it flow – is an enemy of mine. I spend all my time trying to teach these young impressionable people that the world is what you make it. Losing your mind through the use of anything is a bad idea. Having a good time is fine, just don’t lose your mind doing it. From the little I’ve watched of LMFAO they will lose it soon. Either that or they’ll lose their livers to alcohol poisoning, their minds to drugs or some such.

The world, without conscious people, capable of work, thought and innovation, becomes a world moving backwards.

Don’t let anyone tell you to lose your mind. That’s bad. Don’t you think?

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