The Premise

It seems to me that many things in this world do not make sense. It has occurred to me that perhaps I am not the only person who has noticed this. Have you noticed anything out of the ordinary? Have you seen someone do something so incredibly idiotic and you simply cannot fathom what possessed them to do it?

This does not make sense.

Welcome to my attempt to think out loud about this incredible and bizarre world. You might even call it incredibly bizarre but that may be labouring the point. You may gaze upon the title of this blog and wonder, ‘Why is this blog named after a mach one bovine?’ My illustrious friend, this is one of those things that do not and, in all probability, will not make sense. It doesn’t to me so please don’t spend time in search of the answer. Even Google will attempt to correct your spelling if you try searching for one.

Why bother discuss the world in a blog? Who am I? What is the average height of a Southern Smoky Giraffe? Why is this even a valid question? Why am I asking questions?

Ah! That is quite possibly the whole point of this blog! The world is a fascinating place. It is full of people and their ideals, ideas and idiosyncrasies. I always find people endlessly complex and intriguing and so this blog is my way of thinking an idea (wrong or right) on my digital notepad and having it critiqued by those who would honour me by reading along.

So who am I?

A world watcher?

A candid commenter?

An affable antagonist?

I can’t think of any more applicable alliterations. Except for that one.

Smart people buy a small car... with extra space! This does not make sense.

Greetings and Salutations. It truly is a pleasure to meet you. I am many things. I like to think that anyway. Perhaps I’ll talk about some of them later. For the sake of keeping this post shorter I’ll only mention one. I have many things. I have a pair of shoes which I wear on a daily basis. I have a mobile phone that I pay for with money and on which I can do many things. I also own a stapler but I’m not precisely sure where it is at the moment. I like to look at the world and figure out why it doesn’t make sense. Some things just don’t. Some things don’t make sense for a reason. Elephants don’t make sense. Dorothy clicking her ruby-red shoes doesn’t make sense. Captain Planet doesn’t make sense. Many, many things do not make sense and that is why I love this little place called Earth. Who wouldn’t!?

I am a teacher. Of children. Those delightful little creatures that see the world in ways we adults cannot fathom or understand. Depending on the day, this can resemble anything from parading military personnel to that scene from Jurassic Park (the first one) where the T-Rex is about to escape. The man is told to sit still but no, he doesn’t listen to the dinosaur expert. That’s right, you remember, he went to the bathroom anyway and sure enough horrible events take place. Despite the dreadful picture I just painted, teaching is not at all bad. Teaching is a calling and something I love to do and comes with an insatiable desire to know more. Perhaps I will even learn something from you here or you from me and in so doing we each of us learn something without having to learn it the hard way (and without giving a T-Rex indigestion).

Don't move or you'll....*sigh*... to late.

I am relatively new in the world of blogs, the blogosphere, the universe of unsolicited opinion which is freely available to all. I hope that through this medium I a) provide myself with an opportunity to discuss with anyone anything of interest (though we might confine our parameters to this solar system – just to keep it simple) and b) have fun in doing so. The ability to think about something is a lost or dying art (I think). Perhaps we, the esteemed users of the internet, can begin to view the world with our intelligence rather than our passive observations of someone else’s plans, ideas and general lameness. Perhaps we can point out the worlds errors and inaccuracies in an attempt to make it slightly better than it was.Perhaps we shall look at the world and say, ‘That doesn’t make sense!’ and laugh at it, ourselves and humanity as a whole.


Into blog world we go. Throw on a soundtrack (for the epicness), brew up a coffee (for the atmosphere) and relax. Who knows where we will end. Into books and movies, the odd smattering of culture, the newspapers and radio, current events, politics even. The consistency of an Australian mango could find itself the topic of discussion that reaches you in the comfort of your home, work or elsewhere.

We were always told to learn something new every day. Perhaps that day is here.

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